Parent Engagement Workshops

Parents are the most important influence in a child’s life: a healthy parental relationship positively impacts a child’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Children who have parental support are likely to have better health, earn higher grades, and are more likely to graduate and go on to post-secondary education. Children are more likely to have stronger social skills when they have parents who are sensitive to their needs and emotions.

Obstacles, challenges, and stress can negatively impact parents’ ability to support the healthy development of their children, which interferes with their ability to learn. Parents often need help with parenting and communication skills, information about health, wellness, and resources to support their families, and strategies for supporting their child’s educational progress.

We understand that providing parents with information and resources is one of the most powerful ways to help support a child’s education. We provide parenting workshops in areas that are important to creating healthy and positive families such as healthy lifestyles, understanding child development, and social emotional learning. Our workshops offer parents strategies in:

  • School connection: how to build a relationship with your child’s school, how to advocate for your child, and building a relationship with your child’s teacher.
  • Resources: information and links to community and agency resources to help support families.
  • Employment: information and resources for job search and career development—improving parents’ ability to support their families.
  • Click below for a list of some of our workshops:
Community Resources for Families — this workshop provides parents with information and resources to help with many areas that affect families’ lives such as legal aid, immigration, housing, medical and dental services, and benefits.
Family Communication — participants learn communication skills so that children, parents, and siblings can effectively talk with one another, listen, and be heard. Techniques include active listening and positive reinforcement to achieve better understanding and create positive family relationships.

Conflict Management — this workshop discusses how to recognize, prevent and respond to conflict. Behaviors and patterns that lead to conflict are identified, and participants learn strategies for interaction and communication to de-escalate and handle potentially difficult situations.

The Single Parent – this workshop addresses the challenges of being a single parent and offers strategies and resources to help create a strong family structure.

Responding to Challenging Behaviors — Participants explore the emotional dynamics behind challenging behaviors and learn strategies to effectively respond to them. Parents will discuss examples and various responses, and through role-playing will practice techniques for a more positive outcome.

Staying Healthy: Nutrition and Exercise — participants will learn the basics of creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their children
Supporting Your Child’s Academic Success — this workshop provides information, ideas, and strategies on developing communication with your child’s teacher, getting the most out of parent/teacher conferences, and ways to become involved in your child’s school.

Advocating for Your Child: Accessing Services for Children With Special Needs — participants will learn their rights and the procedure to secure evaluation, accommodations, and services for their special needs child

College and Career Search — information and resources for parents to help their children search for and apply to college, vocational training, and career counseling

Household Budgeting and Financial Skills — Participants will learn the basics of creating a budget, balancing a checking account, applying for a loan, and managing debt.

Job Skills: Search, Resumes, Interviews — this workshop provides information, strategies, and resources in how to search for a job, write a resume, and handle an interview.