P2L’s After School services combine child development theory with arts and recreation to create programming that engages students and builds school connection while fostering social emotional development. The research-based curriculum for our After School clubs has been successfully implemented in over 100 NYC public schools over the last 10 years.






Our facilitators are caring, positive role models who work with students to create a safe space—a holding environment–helping them to develop socialization skills while pursuing their passion. Students are supported in identifying strengths while exploring their interests and building healthy peer relations, all of which foster a stronger sense of self and increased prosocial behavior. Our curriculum is structured to embed Common Core StandardsSEL Standards, and STEM, and can be linked to the school day. Each After School club has a structured curriculum that covers core social competencies and culminates in a final project or community service.  We offer after school clubs in:

  • Creative Arts: Visual, Music, Dance, Drama, Spoken Word, and Digital Media
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Leadership and Community Service
  • Current Issues
  • Young Men’s and Women’s Clubs

P2L’s dedication to quality is reflected in our staff and training. We work with a team of Leadership Trainers who have strong facilitation skills and professional experience in a variety of disciplines—musicians, actors, dancers, artists, and writers, and we provide them with over one hundred hours of internal professional development each year. They are dynamic role models who will engage your students, build their enthusiasm, and strengthen their connection to school. We work with your staff and students to tailor programming to meet your school’s specific needs.

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