"By working with my mentor, I was able to think about my future goals and how I want the world to see me. I want to be seen as a peaceful person and as someone who helps others."
  • Suzanne Otis
    Suzanne Otis

    Suzanne Otis is President at P2L. As President Suzanne works to build the capacity and vision of P2L in supporting at-risk students and their families in the areas of academic achievement and social emotional growth.
    Currently, Suzanne overseas operations, development, finance, and evaluation, and provides support to the Board of Directors.
    Suzanne has worked for over 20 years in the youth development field developing a knowledge base in methodologies in child development, social emotional learning, and neuroscience; during this time she has worked in grant writing, evaluation, program design, and curriculum development.
    Suzanne studied economics at Columbia University and worked previously experience in finance and asset management, earning her designation as a Certified Financial Analyst. As a daughter of a psychiatrist and mother of 2 Suzanne is passionate about supporting the emotional and psychological well-being of children. She also devotes time to environmental causes and is a member of several organizations, including the Aldo Leopold Society. She lives in Millbrook, NY with her husband, 2 children, and a small menagerie.

  • Yindy Beckim
    Vice President
    Yindy Beckim

    As Vice President of P2L Yindy leads a highly effective team in a mission-driven culture, and is committed to work that challenges and inspires positive contributions to self and to our greater community.

    Yindy has worked for over 15 years in the youth development field, working as a Teacher, Field Supervisor, and Director in over 30 schools in Boston, Brookline and New York City. She has led city wide events, staff development and professional development workshops for educational professionals in New York City and has worked closely developing curriculum, program design and funding streams for various schools and communities. For the past 6 years with the Leadership Program Yindy has led a team of 11 administrative staff and 300 professional leadership facilitators serving over 250 schools, more than 18,000 students, 800 teachers and over 2,000 parents and community members every year.

    Yindy graduated from Northeastern University and moonlights as a freelance photographer who has been published in the New York Times, Time Out New York, USA Today and the New Yorker. She lives in Brooklyn with her two children and husband.

  • Janet Hope Choe
    Social Worker
    Janet Hope Choe

    Janet Choe is the Social Worker for P2L working at the Spring Creek Community Campus in East New York, Brooklyn. As the Social Worker for P2L, Janet works to positively impact the wellbeing of youth from underserved communities utilizing the school environment as a foundation for academic, emotional, and social growth. Janet’s current work includes mentoring middle and high school students, providing clinical supervision for graduate-level social work interns, and general oversight for on-site P2L staff at Spring Creek Community Campus.

    Janet has a professional background in social services for 10 years in settings such as mental health facilities, schools, and youth organizations. Graduating with her MSW from Columbia University with a concentration in Advanced Generalist Practice & Programming, Janet intertwines her clinical work with programmatic themes to serve the community on a larger scale.

    Janet earned her BA in Psychology & Art History from Rutgers University. She is an art enthusiast who believes that creative expression influences identity development and loves to infuse art into her work with her students. Janet has been living in NYC since 2008, and she considers the city her playground to indulge her love of different cuisines and culture.

  • Madeleine Foley
    SONYC After-School Director
    Madeleine Foley

    Madeleine is P2L’s After School Director of the SONYC grant at Academy for Young Writers in East NY, Brooklyn. As Director, Madeleine has developed and implemented a comprehensive after school model for the middle school. She maintains strong relationships with grant managers and the school leadership team, ensuring that both grant requirements and the school’s needs are met. She acts as the Department of Health liason at her site and ensures that all compliance is met for the program’s School Aged Childcare License. Madeleine is able to utilize her combined strengths of attention to detail and a grasp of the mission at large to think strategically and mobilize resources. She continually seeks out community partnerships and funding opportunities in an effort to increase students’ exposure to arts and culture.

    After earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Brooklyn College, she began to develop her passion for working with young people as a teaching artist with the Leadership Program. Her capacity for organization and administration landed her a role in the office as Programming Assistant. A desire for more direct service work led her to new a role as coordinator, mentor and teaching artist at the Spring Creek Educational Campus. The following year she was promoted to her new role as Director of After School.

    Madeleine has had a passion for the arts since childhood. She attended a performing arts High School in NYC and believes that artistic expression plays a large role is a young person’s sense of confidence and well being. She is currently pursuing graduate studies in social work. While not at work, Madeleine enjoys travelling, quality time with loved ones, meeting people from different walks of life and seeking out new experiences.

  • Jenny Greeman
    Director of Programming
    Jenny Greeman

    As Director of Programming, Jenny supervises site-based programming staff, including P2L’s Community School Directors and SONYC After-School Directors, and supports them in the development and management of front-line staff. Jenny ensures that programs are implemented at the highest quality and remain in compliance with funders and City agencies. She collaborates with Director of Clinical Services Stephanie Stolzenbach on the RISE and SBI programs and works closely with VP of Programming Yindy Beckim in the areas of staff development and resource mobilization.

    Jenny began her work with students almost twenty years ago as a performer for young audiences. She toured the country as the Little Prince in a bilingual production of The Little Prince and as Maryanne the steam shovel in Mike Mulligan & His Steam Shovel, and spent three seasons at the Theatre at Ellis Island. In 2005 she was invited to lead the Drama Club at the Bronx Lab School and has worked in the field of Youth Development ever since. She started at The Leadership Program as a Trainer in 2009, moving into administration in 2011. Jenny has facilitated with students, parents, and faculty; designed theatre-based workshops and study guides; and supported fundraising and grant writing efforts at multiple organizations.

    Jenny holds a BA with Honors in Urban Studies from Connecticut College and a Certificate of Non-Profit Management from CUNY/Hostos. She is currently pursuing a Master’s of Public Administration at the Marxe School of Public and International Affairs at Baruch College. Jenny is proudly following the footsteps of her grandmother, a folksinger and guitar teacher; her mother, a Kindergarten teacher of 45 years; her father, a professor of French; and her husband who currently teaches 8th grade ELA in the Bronx.

  • Carl Jackman
    Social Worker
    Carl Jackman

    As a school based social worker at the Spring Creek Campus, Carl is an observant listener who calmly empowers students to build leadership in their personal and academic lives. Carl authentically connects with students to cultivate their resilience through supportive counseling and collaborates with students to view alternative perspectives to their individual choices in the midst of academic and personal challenges.

    Carl brings almost 18 years of innovative experience in empowering youth leadership and developing social emotional strength through youth centered initiatives in New York City, across the United States and globally through community based organizations and cultural based organizations.

    Carl has a Bachelor’s degree in social work from CUNY College of Staten Island and a Master’s Degree of Social Work with a clinical concentration from Fordham University. He enjoys being a chaperone for teens traveling overseas, mentoring middle school students and volunteering on the Board of a local non-profit arts based organization as well as collecting music and cooking.

  • Sherley Lherison
    SONYC After-School Director
    Sherley Lherison

    Coming Soon...

  • Kathleen Shamwell
    Community School Director
    Kathleen Shamwell

    Kathleen Shamwell is the Community School Director at PS 15, P2L’s new school partner under the AIDP (Attendance Improvement Drop-out Prevention) Grant. As a part of Mayor de Blasio’s community schools initiative, Kathleen is active in building strong relationships with school stakeholders, mobilizing resources for students and parents, and developing strategies to bolster school attendance.

    As a member of PS 15’s School Leadership Team, Attendance Team and newly forged Community School Committee, Kathleen creates innovative ways to transform school culture and maximize opportunities for students, parents and teachers. Additionally, she oversees the RISE Program for attendance improvement and dropout prevention as well as the after school program.

    With 10 years experience working in the education and youth development field as an in-class Facilitator and Site Coordinator, Kathleen has collaborated with underserved school communities to provide programming rooted in social-emotional learning. She has facilitated parent and professional development workshops, coached teachers, organized school events, traveled oversees with students, and mentored chronically absent youth.

    Kathleen holds a B.A. degree in English from the College of New Rochelle and resides in Brooklyn, NY. An avid reader and traveler, she hopes to cultivate more programs designed to encourage youth to read more and explore the world.

  • Stephanie Stolzenbach
    Director of Clinical Services
    Stephanie Stolzenbach

    Coming Soon...

  • Samantha Winer
    Social Worker
    Samantha Winer

    Coming Soon...

Our Mission

At P2L we believe that all children have the creative and intellectual power to be a positive agent in their schools, communities, and lives.
Our students are challenged on a daily basis by stress, violence, and poverty; this impacts their ability to learn, make positive decisions, and form healthy relationships. For many, these challenges are overwhelming: they struggle academically, fall behind, and drop out. P2L works with students, teachers, and parents to change this trajectory. Through mentoring and interactive curriculum based in learning science, child development, social emotional learning, and neuroscience we help students to build self -image, resiliency, and social skills, and we motivate and teach them self-direction, self-management, and goal setting to enable them to become thriving and successful adults.

Our History

We are a dedicated group of educators who have over 10 years of experience working with students empowering them to identify their strengths, set goals and create strategies to stay in school and pursue a path towards post- secondary education, career, and positive and healthy adulthood.

P2L developed out of work that our sister company, The Leadership Program, has been implementing in schools across New York City over the past 20 years. The not-for-profit venue provides an avenue to address the severe and omnipresent needs that many of The Leadership Program's students suffer from.

Research Based Programs

P2L’s programs have been developed in NYC public school classrooms for some of its most at-risk students. Curriculum are research based and grounded in social work, child development, and social emotional development theory. Our After School curriculum has been evaluated and successfully implemented in over 100 schools over the past 10 years and students have consistently shown improvement in pro-social skills, attendance, and school attachment. RISE has also demonstrated increases school attachment and attendance, as well as credit accumulation for program participants. Click here to learn more about our program outcomes.

Case Studies /
Success Stories
Coming Soon

“Too often we underestimate the power of a smile, a kind word a listening ear,  an honest compliment, or the smallest act of  caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” -Leo Buscagi

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